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We care about your grooming routine. We make grooming and haircutting at home convenient with "how to" tips and quality tools.


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Looking Good Made Easy

Our clippers are user-friendly and practical, making grooming convenient on your own time. You can maintain your haircut in between visits to the salon with the same hair grooming tools used by professionals.


The Tools You Need to Look Your Best

Our full line of trimmers allows you to trim, detail, edge and shave your facial hair or neckline whether you're at home or traveling. The trimmers are perfectly sized tools that are efficient, keeping you cleaned up and fresh no matter where you are.


Not Sure What to Use?

Whether you need a haircut, a quick trim or to groom your pets, we have the haircutting and trimming tools for you. All of our home grooming products are made for every day use and are easy to learn to use.

“I was able to give myself a haircut in a super quick fashion. It was simple to pick up and get a clean cut!”

- Phil B

“I love having a clipper around the house so I can give my kids a quick cut. The clippers are easy to use and great quality!”

- Dave B

“My Wahl shaver gives me a quick and clean shave! I leave the house looking and feeling great. ”

- Troy A

"The Fade" Tutorial

"The Fade" or side part is a popular haircut trend that uses clippers to cut the hair on the sides and back of the head to a shorter length that "fades," or tapers up, gradually getting longer at the top of the head. Check out this tutorial video to learn the techniques.

Need Help?

Ask us your home grooming questions. We are eager to help you find the right product, give expert advice, tips, tricks, trends and more.