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Seeking convenience and ease in caring for your pets? Grooming your pet at home is more than possible. Our high-quality products and how-to videos will help you groom your dog or cat from head to paws. A happy, healthy pet comes with less stress with our pet-grooming products.


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Tools You Need for a Happy and Healthy Pet

A happy and healthy pet is a clean and fresh one. From shampoos to brushes, invest in the right grooming tools and accessories for your pet's needs.


A Trimmed Pet is a Loved Pet

It is important to keep your pet's coat clipped and nails trimmed. Choose the right corded or cordless trimmers and clippers for your dog or cat.


Not Sure How to Groom Your Pet?

Whether you are a beginner or just need some reminders, our "how-to" videos will help you. We give you simple instructions on how to trim your pet's nails at home and how to clip their overgrown shaggy hair.

“Other clippers I have used in the past make my dog very anxious and nervous. The Wahl® Pet-Pro clipper is quiet enough where it doesn’t upset my dog.”

- Patricia H

"The Wahl® Doggie Deodorant is perfect for my Golden Retriever! It keeps her coat refreshed and deodorized. The Coconut Lime Verbena fragrance gives her a clean, fresh smell without bathing!"

- Catherine B

"The Lavender Chamomile wipes are perfect for a quick , gentle and easy way to clean my dog and cat. I use them almost every day!"

- Bob K

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Product Manuals

Not sure how to use your pet grooming products? We have product manuals to help you learn more about them.


Need Help? Ask an Expert

Ask us your questions about grooming your pets at home. We will help you find the right products and give you expert advice.


Blade Repairs & Maintenance

Do your pet grooming tools need repairs? Need advice on clipper and trimmer blade maintenance? We can help.